Public Art Project Wrapped on South Blount St / by Shaun Richards

Peregrine Projects wrapped up a public art project on April 26th on South Blount St near the intersection of Blount of Davie.  The project had been in the planning since January and was funded by the NRP Group, in collaboration with Artspace and the City of Raleigh.  Principle contributing artists are Shaun Richards, Alexis Price, David Eichenberger, and Luke Miller Buchanan. 

Artspace reached out to the NRP to see if they would consider having murals painted on the three shipping containers on site that are being used as Pedestrian Pathways during construction of their block-wide, luxury apartment complex, giving the city a chance for temporary public art.  In turn, Artspace reached out to Peregrine, and we were thrilled to be invited to contribute to public art in our community.